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2018 IUVA Americas Conference Workshop

Monday, February 26, 2018
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

UV Fundamentals, Design Considerations, Applications, and Opportunities

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a basic understanding of UV fundamentals, along with an overview of UV considerations, applications, and case studies across water, wastewater and reuse. Additionally, special applications of UV will be presented, including a discussion on the science and application of UV-AOP, as well as a look into the future research that is needed for UV–chlorine AOP. 

  • Welcome and Workshop Overview 13:00 – 13:10

  • Fundamentals and Basics: How does UV work for disinfection and AOP applications 13:10 – 13:40
    Kati Bell, Stantec

  • UV Systems for Nonpotable Reuse: Validations and regulatory requirements13:40 – 14:10
    Bruno Ferran, Suez

  • UV-AOP: Lessons learned from design and specification of a UV‒chlorine AOP for potable reuse in California14:10 – 14:40
    Michael Priest, Stantec

  • Break14:40 – 15:10
  • UV-AOP Operation, Maintenance and Costs considerations of UV-AOP15:10 – 15:40
    Adam Festger, Trojan Technologies

  • UV-AOP and the emergence of use of UV-chlorine, what we know and what we need to know moving forward 15:40 – 16:10
    Ron Hofmann, University of Toronto

  • Panel Discussion for Q&A16:10 – 17:00


Leo J. Vander Lans Advanced Water Treatment Facility 

Long Beach, CA 

Thursday, March 1, 2018 
8:45 AM - 12:30 PM 

  • $100 for IUVA Members 
  • $125 for Non-Members 

Please note: No open toe shoes and bring eye protection glasses. They will have a few pairs to hand out. 

Details About the Facility: 

Leo J. Vander Lans Water Treatment Facility located in Long Beach, California, owned by Water Replenishment District of Southern California, receives tertiary-treated water and provides a multi-barrier treatment through a process train that includes microfiltration (MF), reverse-osmosis (RO), and ultraviolet light (UV). 

The facility was built in 2003 and subsequently expanded in late 2014. The expansion increased the facility's capacity from 3 million gallons per day to 8 million gallons per day, providing up to 100% of the demand for the seawater barrier. The 2014 facility expansion added an advanced oxidation process (AOP), which augments the existing UV system with the addition of hydrogen peroxide for removal of organics and enhanced disinfection and included unique treatment process enhancements to reduce the facility's waste generations. The process enhancements include (1) a third-stage RO to increase recovery from the original 85% to 92.5%; and (2) a MF backwash waste treatment system that recovers approximately 95% of the backwash waste stream through dissolve air flotation (DAF) treatment and a follow-up polishing MF. With these process enhancements, the facility has been expanded to almost triple the production capacity without any increases in waste generations. 

The Long Beach Water Department is responsible for operation and maintenance of the treatment plant under contract with WRD.
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