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Goals & Objectives

Workshop Goal

As a follow-on to the successful 2022 IUVA Americas Conference special session in Cincinnati, Ohio, the IUVA and ASHRAE are hosting a workshop to develop plans for the use of GUV technologies in public spaces to reduce the risk of spreading infection in public spaces.

Workshop Objectives

The primary objective of the workshop is to engage a large cross-section of GUV stakeholders and gain their expert input to meet the workshop goal by collectively working with all participants to:

  1. distill and prioritize output from Cincinnati into a set of primary issues;
  2. transform the primary issues into solution-oriented achievable objectives; and
  3. formulate actionable plans to achieve those objectives, complete with scopes of work, tentative schedules and resource requirements, and suggested action organizations for referral.

These objectives will be met using facilitated roundtable discussions with as much senior level GUV expertise as can be assembled (up to 100 in-person, 100-200 more attending virtually). collaboration tools). Prioritization and decision making will be facilitated by use of real-time polling and interactive networking software available to all participants (in-person & virtual).

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