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2022 IUVA RIS: Conference Program

Session 1: UV-Based AOP

This session will focus on the latest issues in UV-based advanced oxidation and advanced reduction research and application addressing questions such as:

  • New UV-AOPs or ARPs that are more efficient and less problematic (byproducts)
  • New applications of UV-AOPs/APRSs to address emerging environmental issues (PFAS and ARG/ARB)
  • Latest issues in UV-AOP/ARP research and application, technology trends, and future research needs


  • Karl Linden, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Nathan Moore, University of Toronto


  • Ching-Hua Huang, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Michael Dodd, University of Washington
  • William Mitch, Stanford University

Session 2: UV in Healthcare and COVID 19

This session will include:

  • UV disinfection of human norovirus evaluating infectivity using a genome-wide PCR based approach.
  • Expert perspectives on differences in the experimental design and the role of quality assurance of UV disinfection in the frame of water safety plans and risk assessmen
  • Far-UV for disinfection and related health concerns


  • Chip Blatchley, Purdue University
  • Molly McManus, IUVAYP Co-Chair


  • Krista Wigginton, University of Michigan
  • David Brenner, Columbia University
  • Mike Schuit, National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center (NBACC)

Session 3: UV Integration into Human Life

This session will include:

  • Safe indoor applications of germicidal UV technology
  • UV advanced oxidation for pool and spa industry
  • UVC LEDs for cleanroom surface disinfection


  • Sara Beck, University of British Columbia
  • Dan Spicer, Light Sources, Inc.


  • Ed Nardell, Harvard Medical School
  • Steve Berens, Clear Comfort Water, USA
  • Susan Schmidt, Genentech, Inc.

Session 4: Innovations in Harvesting and Delivering UV

This session will include:

  • Novel methods of generating ultraviolet radiation
  • Novel methods of delivering and distributing ultraviolet radiation
  • Light engines. Diode/lensing design and its effect on radiation profile


  • Ted Mao, IUVA
  • Sean MacIsaac, Dalhousie University


  • Ezra L. Cates, Clemson University
  • Mariana Lopes, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Tom Brukilacchio, Innovations in Optics, Inc.

Session 5: New UV Sources: Far-UVC, UV-LEDs, and Plasma UV

This session will focus on:

  • New UV radiation source-based process design and development
  • New UV radiation source-based applications (e.g., disinfection, water/air purification)
  • Protocols/methods for characterizing the new radiation sources/reactors
  • Latest issues in new UV source-based research and application, and future research needs


  • Kumiko Oguma, University of Tokyo
  • Dana Pousty, Tel Aviv University


  • Natalie Hull, Ohio State University
  • Holger Claus, Ushio America
  • Collin Ward, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Panel 1: Research Priorities and Wish Lists for Industries

People from UV equipment manufacturers, wastewater and drinking water utilities, etc. to share their perspective on research priorities and wish lists for UV-relevant industries.


  • Jennifer Osgood, CDM Smith
  • Milad Raeiszadeh, Acuva Technologies


  • Oliver Lawal, Aquisense Technologies
  • Fariborz Taghipour, Acuva Technologies
  • Holger Claus, Ushio America
  • Richard Josh, ATG

Panel 2: Applications in Low-Income Communities

Early adoption of UV in developing countries and low-income communities has largely focused on drinking water treatment. UV based water systems face several barriers to their adoption in these low resource settings. Water systems in developing nations have been reported to fail due to lack of proper business models, poor management, lack of maintenance, or lack of community involvement among other barriers. These barriers can be broadly categorized as behavioral, financial, or technical. This session is expected to discuss how these challenges affect adoption of UV systems. The discussion will also include the solutions that have been adopted to overcome these barriers.


  • Hadas Mamane, Tel Aviv University
  • John Maiyo, Purdue University


  • Prof. S. Kanmani, Anna University
  • Dr. Fermín Reygadas, Fundacion Cantaro Azul
  • Prof. Evan Thomas, UC Boulder
  • Tonnie Telgenhof, Nedap
  • Karlye Wong, University of Toronto
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