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Conference Program

Tuesday, June 8

All conference sessions will be broadcast on US/Eastern Time (EDT)

Exhibits Open

Keynote Presentation

What the Future Holds for Emerging Infectious Diseases and Public Health Threats - Interview/Discussion
A discussion between Dr. Richard Martinello, Yale School of Medicine and Dr. Amesh Adalja, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

Dr. Richard Martinello

Dr. Amesh Adalja

Session 6A
Advanced Oxidation 3

Session 6B
Disinfection 3

Track C
On-Demand Industry Presentations
UV AOP Feasibility Considerations for an Indirect Potable Reuse System in Georgia
Todd Elliott, Jacobs Engineering Group
Considerations for adaptation of UV technologies in low-income countries
Hadas Mamane, Tel Aviv University
Micropollutants degradation prediction in various UV-AOPs by “Model Simulation & Portable Measurement” method
Yanyan Huang, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences
Impact of Filter Upset During Conventional Surface Water Treatment on UV Disinfection Efficacy
Judith Straathof, Delft University of Technology/Ohio State University
A Kinetic Study on Vacuum-UV/Chlorine Advanced Oxidation Process
Mahsa Masjoudi, University of British Columbia
Room for Improvement

Tristan Williams, Finsen Technologies

AOP Dose Optimization and the Role of Nitrogenous Compounds: A Water Reuse Introspective
Gil Hurwitz, Black & Veatch
The Proper Characterization and validation of UVC Disinfection Lamps and Systems
Marcin Pelko, GL Optic


Session 7A

Session 7B
Disinfection 4
Track C
On-Demand Industry Presentations
Numerical modelling of a large-scale UV-LED reactor performance – a case study
Audrius Židonis, Typhon Treatment Systems LTD
The next pandemic is already here - resistant pathogens
Mark Stibich, Xenex
Experimental and computational study of the application of UV-LED photocatalytic oxidation for air treatment
Shahriar Rouhani, The University of British Columbia
A Virtual Spherical Irradiance Meter for UV-C Systems Modeling
Ian Ashdown, SunTracker Technologies Ltd.
UV-A in the NICU: Addressing healthcare-associated infections
Jennifer Brons and Andrew Bierman, Light and Health Research Center, Mount Sinai
Differences in the inactivation of Legionella pneumophila serogroups using UVC-LED technology in drinking water

Helen Buse, US Environmental Protection Agency

The use of ultraviolet-LEDs and visible-LEDs for obtaining new generation dental composites
Monika Topa, Cracow University of Technology
Studying microbial inactivation and reactivation by microplasma far-UVC lamps
Milad Raeiszadeh, The University of British Columbia

Session 8A
Municipal drinking water, reuse water and wastewater
Session 8B
Food and Beverage
Track C
On-Demand Industry Presentations
Inactivation and control of biofilm-bound opportunistic pathogens using UVC devices
Saba Seyedi, University of Colorado Boulder
Viral Disinfection By UV-Light in the Food Industry
Tatiana Koutchma, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
UV for Non-potable Reuse – Do They Provide High Level Disinfection?
Harold Wright, Carollo Engineers
Characterizing the Performance of a Continuous-Flow UV-LED System for Treatment of Juices and Beverages Using Multiple Wavelengths
Vladimir Popovic, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Study of performance with Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of commercial UV reactors currently in use in WWTPs in Murcia (Spain)
Delia Trifi, Jaume I University
UVC Light-Emitting Diodes to inactivate bacteria associated with spoilage of ready-to-eat salads
Ana Marques, Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica
A new disinfection system using a submerged photocatalytic membrane reactor to treat surface water
João Sério, Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica
Zero COVID Concept and Bacteria Food Services
Victor Vincentz, CONCEPT LIGHT

Break & Poster Session
Session 9A
Technology Trends: UVC-LED
Session 9B
UV Systems
Track C
On-Demand Industry Presentations
Array Packaging for High-Power DUV-LED Modules
Ulli Hansen, MSG Lithoglas GmbH
Performance Matters: Warranty Testing After Installation
Chris Schulz and Jennifer Osgood, CDM SmithNicole Stephens, Stantec and Jamie Safulko, South Platte Renew
Organic Pollutant Degradation by Ozone and (Residual Ozone)/Ultraviolet Process: Assessment with a Novel Mini-Fluidic Modular Experimental System
Mengkai Li, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences
Advanced Approaches to UV System Design and Equipment Selection
Nicole Stephens, Stantec and Jamie Safulko, South Platte Renew
UV Transmitting Glass Optics to Improve Light Output for UV-C LED Applications
Michael Ulizio, Kopp Glass, Inc.
Recent development, a European approach: a long way to go - the standards for testing UV devices are harmonized - Revision of ÖNORM M 5873-1:2020 and publication of DIN 19294-1:2020
Regina Sommer, Medical University Vienna, Jutta Eggers, TZW, DVGW-Technologiezentrum
UV-C LEDs and their advantages in various system designs
Chris Eichelberger, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
Quantification and modeling of biofilm growth under continuous UVC irradiation
Hamed Torkzadeh, Clemson University
Session 10A
Far UV-C
Track C
On-Demand Industry Presentations
Evaluation of acute reactions on mouse skin irradiated with 222 and 235 nm UV-C
Makoto KUNISADA, Kobe University of Medicine, Japan
Far-UVC germicidal sources – measurement challenges and solutions
Mike Clark, Gigahertz Optik GmbH
Microplasma Flat Lamp and its Applications: New Form Factor In Far-UVC
Sung-Jin Park, Eden Park Illumination, Inc.
Re-Evaluation of rat corneal damage by short wavelength UV revealed extremely less hazardous property of far UV-C
Sachiko Kaidzu, Shimane University
End of 2021 IUVA World Congress
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