Advancing the sciences, engineering & applications of ultraviolet technologies to enhance the quality of human life & to protect the environment.

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Ultraviolet Technologies for Public Health

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The price is $95/book + applicable taxes, shipping and handling. International shipping will be assessed and reinvoiced at time of shipment. • Comprised of 18 state-of-the art articles in UV technologies for public health. • Divided into four sections: (I) Introduction and Perspectives on UV-C in healthcare and beyond, (II) Characteristics and Techniques for UV-C disinfection in a variety of application areas, (III) Metrology studies of UV-C, and (IV) Future Directions for the field of UV-C disinfection • Includes a crucial contribution by Masjoudi, Mohseni, and Bolton on the “Sensitivity of Bacteria, Protozoa, Viruses, and Other Microorganisms to Ultraviolet Radiation,” a must read for anyone in UV healthcare. • Includes the most rigorous examination of UV light’s effects on N-95 masks yet, by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) showing that these masks can be disinfected with little impact on their form or function. • Condenses the instrumental research to building the foundation for the routine implementation of UV technologies in the healthcare environment. Michael T. Postek
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