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Advancing the sciences, engineering & Applications of ultraviolet technologies to enhance the quality of life & protect the environment.

Privacy Policy

Information Collected

Our website uses cookies and sessions to store user information that includes dates visited, pages visited, IP address or user name, and other general information. Additionally, registered users of our site are required to supply us with an e-mail address and password (the latter is stored in encrypted format), and may volunteer other information such as full name and mailing address.

Our e-commerce website collects similar information, with the addition of details concerning purchases of items or registration for events. Our payment processing is handled by a third party vendor and we do not store credit card or other similar payment details. You can view the Authorize.net privacy policy here http://authorize.net/company/privacy.

How We Use Your Information

Information collected which relates to page visits is used to determine the popularity of certain content, locate broken links, and other tasks related to maintaining the quality and usability of our website.

Information from our registered users, such as e-mail addresses, are used to restrict access to certain pages within our member area as well as to keep members informed of upcoming events, updates, and important association news.

Your information is held in a secured repository and is never shared with third parties other than those retained to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of our website.

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