IUVA Symposium:  UV Technology Advancement For Water Environment

November 6, 2017

UV Technology Advancement For Water Environment Symposium

This Symposium offers a unique program, including:

  • Full day education sessions by invited speakers
  • Post seesion
  • Exhibit Area
  • Panel discussion on current trends, regulations and new applications.

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Invited Speakers

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Session Topics

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6 November 2017

8:00 Registration Opens
9:00 Welcome Speech (Hu Jiangyong, National Univ of Singapore)
9:10  Opening Remarks
9:20 Expansion of UV Light-Emitting diodes, UV-LED's, to Water Treatment (Kimiko Oguma, Univ of Tokyo)
9:50 UV Processes for PPCPs control (Hu Jiangyong, National Univ of singapore)

10:20 Coffee break, poster viewing and exhibition

11:00 TBC (Liu Wenjun, Tsignhua Univ)
11:30 Understanding and predicting the fate of organic 
compound degradation in UV-based AOPs (Daisuke Minakata, Michigan Tech University)

12:00 Lunch, poster viewing and exhibition

13:30 UV/H2O2 pilot system for drinking water treatment (Xie Rongjing, Public Utility Board)
14:00 Economical Operation Strategy for a Multi-lamp UV Disinfection Reactor 
in the Secondary Water Supply System with CFD Simulations  (Qiang Zhimin, Chinese Academy of Science)
14:30 Impacts of  Gas Production Wastewater on Disinfection By-Products Formation  (Xie Yuefeng, Pennsylvania State Univ)
15:30  UV-based AOPs in Korean Water Quality Engineering Field (Lee Yunho, Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology)

16:00 Coffee break, poster viewing and exhibition

16:40 Industrial Sharing Session

18:00 Closing Remarks

18:30 Networking Dinner

7 November 2017

8:00 Visit to NEWater Facilities (tentative)


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The event will be held at the National University of Singapore, 21 Lower Kent Ridge Rd, Singapore 119077.  

Additional Details to be provided shortly.

Poster Session

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Would you like to submit a poster?  (Available to registered attendees only).  Please submit a 50 word abstract for review to Gary Cohen

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Would you like to exhibit at or participate as a larger sponsor this event?  If so, please contact Mickey Fortune


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Coming Soon. We look forward to seeing you!

If you encounter any problems with the registration process, please call 301-253-3700 ext 375 or email accounting@iuva.org

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